You may have heard of hosting servers and networks, but did you know you can host your operating system (OS), too? By hosting your OS on a virtual machine (VM), you can take advantage of better data security, easier management of your applications, and reduced maintenance times.

Avixum uses VDI—a server-based service for computing that can exist both in or outside of your business. However, we recommend trusting our IT experts to handle VDI at one of our secure, weather-resistant locations. Since VDI changes the way desktops are delivered to its users, inaccurate deployment can lead to several issues, including:

  • Failure to develop an application deployment strategy
  • Improper defining of VDI use cases
  • Improperly optimizing the desktop image

The best way to avoid mistakes like these is to trust the deployment and maintenance of your VDI to the professionals accustomed to executing these projects on a regular basis. Avixum houses a VM on a centralized server located at our data center. In fact, we’re so confident in it that we have been operating our infrastructure using VDI for the last 8 years.

Ready to initiate a better, smoother OS deployment for your business? Pick up the phone and talk to us. Our experienced and friendly staff are here to answer any questions you may have and help you determine if VDI is the best fit for your business.