Security Solutions


Safety. Reliability. When it comes to your business’ security, you need both. At Avixum, we understand that security solutions need to be as on point as the service behind them. Our engineers listen to our clients needs and formulate an IT security strategy that fits seamlessly within your IT structure, from the cloud and the data center straight to the endpoint.

Count on us to protect your enterprise. We’ll take an efficient and proactive approach that complies with external regulations as well as internal governance policies. We aren’t rigid, either. We can adapt to new applications and technology as you grow and develop, while giving you full protection that spans inside and out.

We get that life is busy enough without the hassle of an unresponsive IT team. That’s why we pride ourselves on building reliable and transparent relationship with our clients through service that is both transparent and free of drama. So give us a call, and see for yourself the Avixum difference.

What we offer

Network Security

Our intelligent network security will keep you up and running while simplifying the management process.

Data Security

Clients trust our centrally managed endpoint security and compliance packages for a reason. Our Dell security solutions stretch across the entirety of your data and devices for 360 degrees of protection.

Mobile & Endpoint Security

Don’t take any chances. Keep your endpoints protected from outside threats with our mobile and endpoint security options.

Identity & Access Management

Ensure the only people accessing your data are the ones whom you gave permission. Identity and Access Management does just that by requiring identification prior to access, so you can screen who you let into your system.

Email Security

E-mail often contains highly sensitive data. Protect it from outside breaches while maintaining compliance and e-discovery mandates. Our e-mail security options are dedicated to keeping private e-mail in the right hands: yours.

Security Services

Security is more than just a program. It takes the right experts managing threat intelligence, security, risk consulting, and incident responses. Talk to us about how we can help you strengthen your security and keep outside intrusions at bay.