Data Center Solutions


dell-datacenterAvixum’s Data Center Solutions take the headache out of buying, managing, and upgrading your IT equipment. Instead, we simplify the process while saving you the expense of purchasing and maintaining the technology needed to properly protect and run your business.

We offer scalable support that expands with you, so you never have to worry about outgrowing your space or servers. There’s no maintenance on your end either. No hassle. No unexpected or exorbitant expenses. Instead, you get high-end services, quality equipment, and unrivaled IT service for a fraction of the price.

Talk to us about your budget, what you’re spending now, and how we can save you money so you can reinvest it where it matters most. We’ll streamline the IT process, taking the load off your shoulders. After all, Avixum is all about making your life easier.

What We Offer


Our application servers cost less while using virtualization to eliminate server sprawl. Simply put, you pay less, for more.


Our storage solutions allow you to have more room for storage at a lower TCO. How? We use the industry’s most affordable flash-away, among other end-to-end storage solutions.


Our consulting, implementation, and support services will help you control your network’s infrastructure. You’ll love our staff and feel confident in the planning, deployment, and operation of your network.

Hyper Converged

Hyper Converged brings your compute, storage, and networking resources together in one solution that adapts to your workload. Talk about simplicity!


Don’t just task your security programs with defending your business. Let it work cohesively in an IT Security Strategy adept to growing and adapting to whatever the future brings.