Today companies big and small need more than just a landline to operate their business. E-mail, text messages, instant messaging, video calls, and digital conferences have all become a relevant part of everyday function. They’ve contributed to expanded business opportunities and more efficient operation, but how does one business with many employees keep up with it all?

Multi-line phones such as PBX haven’t changed much in the last 60+ years. You need more, without having to buy in or sign up for a new application for each service. Not only does it complicate your job, but it also poses several security risks.

Avixum gets that, which is why we’ve come up with a solution to make your job easier. It’s called Unified Communications. Unified Communications integrates all of your communication tools into one synchronous, manageable application.

So stop juggling a thousand different apps, and let’s talk. Give us a call today to see how we can bring synergy to your business.

Through Avixum, we work with the top providers that include:  Ring Central, 8×8, Vonage, Cisco, Mitel, and Zoom.