Hyper Converged


We live in a fast-pace environment. As part of the digital age, we’ve become accustomed to fast results, but how can our IT teams be efficient if our processes aren’t? It’s a good question. Even a highly talented staff can find it hard to keep up, due to:

Cost & Complexity

Trying to manage your own servers and hardware can cost you valuable time and money, and businesses often outgrow them before getting their money’s worth out of the equipment.

Working in Silos

When your servers, storage, and networking are divided, it forces your IT staff to work in silos. These silos are utterly inflexible.

No Time for Advancement

Progress becomes limited when your IT staff spends most of their time reacting to issues and operating glitches instead of working on improving your current structure.

So how do you fix it? Avixum’s answer is simple: VXRail.

VXRail is an integrated, invisible infrastructure that exists without walls. You can run any application of any scale without a problem. The secret is in the cloud-like economics, which bring security and reliability to the user through an easy software that features one-click solutions.